More studies

I like to draw kids, can you tell? This is an exploration of a more pastel aesthetic with softer edges and less contrast. I like the result enough that it made me want to take up gouache(although this is not in gouache) and start working in that medium.




Doodle of Link & Zelda, with some gouache.





More acrylic stuff




This is a personal piece of some character designs I came up with one day. I thought it’d be fun to have them habituate the space together, in this case, a jungle. It’s kind of just fun and not meant to be taken too seriously.


Edgar Allan Poe


Here’s to the most macabre post so far:



I did this piece a while back, and it was very fun to work on. Capturing likenesses is a big challenge for any illustrator, and I think in this case the lack of color gives it the kind of mood it calls for.

Charcoal pencil on cardboard.



Hi all–

I’ve decided to do a bi-weekly(or just ‘weekly’, depending on what’s in store for studio accessibility) post of watercolor or acrylic doodles on this blog. They’ll most likely be famous people, but I am open to suggestions.


Here’s E.T. and Elliott (E.T. is in drag, in case you are confused…)





The end


This is it! the culmination of my four years at CCA, as well as a neat little side-project about myself, was finally displayed at my senior thesis show for the last time. The illustrated memoir, titled Transamérica, features the seven-year-old me exploiting my least favorite teachers, observing myself in linguistic binds, and finding the fun in everything. I would describe it as a children’s book for adults…although I think it can be equally enjoyed by both.

This has been nothing short of a struggle, but I am proud to present the project. In hindsight, it seems like everything that went on this semester was relevant to my thesis. I took a children’s book class, I continued my internship at Park Day School…and learned a lot about myself in the process, and the kind of work I’d like to start doing.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, message me and I will mail it to you.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, gave me over-the-shoulder crits, helped me cut my promos, and kept me from having a breakdown. Y’all are the best.


Rob and Jay


Hey guys,

Here’s another commission I did over the holidays. Portrait of newlyweds Rob and Jay, a couple from Austin. I enjoyed working on it and am quite pleased with how their likenesses turned out.

I’m back in Oakland, back to teaching, drafting, painting, and trying to eat well. The daily grind. I think from here on out I’ll be posting thesis-related updates, which I couldn’t be more excited about. I’ve been experimenting with form and the way I plan on drawing the kids and found a comfortable departure from my more recent use of realism. I think you guys’ll enjoy it. The story is bits funny, perverse, and dry. Something for everyone.


Rob & Jay



A portrait of the talented Rosa Corisco, fellow Oakland-er who moved to Dallas about a year ago. She is a dancer which I hope  to have represented well. This was just a quick commission I did over break. Enjoy!





Hey folks,


So in between commissions I decided to tackle this painting I’ve been putting off for a while. It’s from the 1956 film “Giant”, starring Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. I decided to loosen up a bit with this one and let the brush strokes carry more of the meat, so to speak. This also happens to be the third time I do something Liz Taylor-related in school, which makes be believe that the universe is trying to tell me something.


Bay Area, if you haven’t seen the Bvlgari jewels at the De Young, I would highly recommend doing so. It features the collections of many movie stars from the golden era of film making(Liz’s jewels given to her by Richard Burton, whom she married twice, are prominently featured!) as well as designs that were privately commissioned by people all over the world.


16 x 24, acrylic on canvas



















Prepping for thesis, holiday comissions, etc


Who would’ve ever thought drawing kids to proportion would be so difficult? in other words, not have them look like aliens! I’m posting a page out of my sketchbook in which I’ve been practicing drawing kids from the school I work at. It’s not easy telling myself things like “yes, their legs are that short” and “yes, the head is that big”, nor was it ever something that I stopped and considered while working around these kids. So my goal is to get a better understanding of child anatomy and make these gestures accurate to the grade level that is being represented. Maybe too nit-picky, I know. But I’d like this to be good.


My senior thesis, for those that have not been briefed, revolves around my experience as a new student in the United States. The collection will feature the seven to ten year-old me’s during those burgeoning years at my elementary school in Texas. There will be irony, satire, and much poking-fun at my interpretation of the aliens I was surrounded with. (because adults are so much more interesting when you’re little…) I couldn’t be more excited to tackle this project and am in the process of my final edit on the creative manuscript it is based on. I don’t want to lessen the impact the actual story could have so I’m keeping the details under wraps for everyone to goss up once the work is up at the end of the semester. Either way, it’ll make its way to a public space on the net sometime after.


I’ve been busy this holiday break working on some commissions that I’ve racked up out of this site. All portraits of Dallas friends and people that were referred. Okay, I give the state a little credit for showing interest. I wish I could share some  work-in-progress shots, but I don’t really see it fit until the client has it in his/her hands. These will come January, along with more kid sketches(I don’t think “kid” and “sketches” should belong together…)




“Quick sketches of 1st grade artists”


Be back sooner than later xxxooo

Professor Trelawney

Professor Sybill Trelawney is now here, to lure you–in stamp form! I wrapped this one for my final critique in Robert Hunt’s class last week. Hope you enjoy. This is one of those rare projects where I branch out into mixed media, the gradient backdrop as the digital addition to this piece.