Hello internet,

So over the past moth or so I’ve switched to updating my Facebook Illustration page much more than this one, I find that I am able to get instant feedback better, and the system of “likes” and “shares” are more helpful into being noticed and wider  promotion in general. But, I have not forgotten this blog, and promise to weed out the more important illustrations to include here. For today, I have  some character designs that I made over the course of August, based on the fantasy novel that I am writing. I apologize if not all of them are click-able…wordpress isn’t very bright sometimes. The sad(but ultimately good) news is that  I am teaching in Oakland beginning on Monday. This means I won’t get to illustrate or write as readily for a while but it keeps a roof above my head and some post-grad comfort. In the meantime…enjoy these character designs! I think gouache is part of my art family now.


Live, laugh, love. That is all.




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