Juan De Oñate comic

New Post! I know it’s been forever since my last one…I really have no excuse to give. I’ve been busy w/ specific but small commissions over the past few months, but the bulk of my artistic energy has been devoted to drafting out a children’s book that I would like to publish. I don’t want to show updates on it just because I’d like for it to be a “fresh” release. ON the other hand, I did put together a children’s book/comic for the Dallas Public Library about a Mexican conquistador who finds his way through the desert with the help of a friend.



Here’s a little sample of that:


*Note: These are are not in order






More Photoshop goodness

“Witches and Wizards”
One day, a group of witches and wizards became bored with their present reality. They built a time machine and traveled to the future to a time commonly demarcated as the Roaring Twenties. Able to avoid the persecutions of colonial Massachusetts and practice their teachings freely, they took well advantage of this new-found freedom and soon became part of a new bourgeois merchant class. Able to provide exotic wares and follies, they often rubbed elbows with the right people and blurred with that of the social elite. During this time, they made lasting contributions to fashion and their love potions became the latest rage at petting parties.



New-ish experimentation with Photoshop


“Android Family”
It is the year 6000 AD(in Earth years). A galactic total war which ravaged our solar system gave rise to the creation of a reconstruction period for both aliens and humans. This here is a detailed look on the hybridization of several planetary cultures. Scientists have successfully bound human and alien DNA to that of precious metals to create a species better equipped to defend against the threats of extraterrestrial colonization. This is one of many post-racial bio-engineered families that are designed to fight back but also uphold domestic roles as once exemplified on Earth.



Enjoy! p.s. I am selling prints of this if anyone would like one. $10 via PayPal!

Click to enlarge, I realize this blog interface has text cutting into the image! Sorry about this!


The Sword of Shannara


Tried some digital with pen&ink. This one’s based on The Sword of Shannara, by Terry Brooks(written in 1977). It’s a lot of fun to be able to explore someone else’s world that they’ve created and then come up with your own interpretations of what the characters might look like. The word “fan art” has always had kind of a bad stigma attached to its name because a lot of the one you find online isn’t too thoughtful. This project was fun but also took some planning and decision-making. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it!





SF Weekly


Hi Everyone,

Here is a fun little cover I did for SF Weekly. The theme of this issue is “perpetual adolescence” and for my illustration they had me do kids running loose all over San Francisco.

I’ve added a couple of spot illustrations I did for them as well. Enjoy!






This is a picture of my mom, Gloria. I’m experimenting a little bit more with dry brush, and I gotta say I like the “patchwork” look a lot. This could be a new direction for me. I’m also working on a commission for a family that lives in Berlin; the dad used to go to my elementary school back in Texas and the mom was in the same bilingual program that brought my parents to the states. Funny how life works in circles. Finished piece will be up once it is done!






Hello internet,

So over the past moth or so I’ve switched to updating my Facebook Illustration page much more than this one, I find that I am able to get instant feedback better, and the system of “likes” and “shares” are more helpful into being noticed and wider  promotion in general. But, I have not forgotten this blog, and promise to weed out the more important illustrations to include here. For today, I have  some character designs that I made over the course of August, based on the fantasy novel that I am writing. I apologize if not all of them are click-able…wordpress isn’t very bright sometimes. The sad(but ultimately good) news is that  I am teaching in Oakland beginning on Monday. This means I won’t get to illustrate or write as readily for a while but it keeps a roof above my head and some post-grad comfort. In the meantime…enjoy these character designs! I think gouache is part of my art family now.


Live, laugh, love. That is all.




Acrylic doodle




I have nothing to say about this one other than it being inspired by the weirdly grotesque Japanese film Funky Forest (2005).